Industrial Disinfectant

The consistency of Guardian Electro-BioCide® Disinfectant makes it ideal for industrial cleaning applications. There is no need to dilute Guardian Electro-BioCide®. Simply add the solution to a spray bottle or industrial cleaning equipment. Electro-BioCide® Disinfectant is safe and environmentally friendly.

We have used and tested Guardian Electro-BioCide® Disinfectant in hundreds of applicators and dispensers from a basic hand spray bottle to electrostatic spraying systems.

Tested and Compatible with:

- Pneumatic Sprayers

- Extractors: Floor Scrubbers

- Foggers

- Pressure Washers

- Electrostatic Sprayers

Contact us if you have any concerns about the compatibility of your capital equipment.



Guardian is Viobin, LLC. brand that specializes in health and safety products. 

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